Japanese Franchise
    Inspection Tour

    It is worthwhile to meet the headquarters of brands you are already interested in,
    as well as to meet brands you did not know about.

    Assentia Holdings' Inspection Tours

    We will visit the participant's country of origin, based on the needs of the participant, through online meetings prior to the tour.

    In addition to visiting the brands of the participants' choice, we will also set up visits to franchises that Assentia recommends.

    Here is an example

    This year's visits were to


    Places visited:Bari-uma, Zagin, Tenka-Ippin, Take-san and the 3rd Burger.

    Places visited:Bari-uma,Tsukemen FUUNMARU, Matcha cafe and Yakiniku BBQ
    Places visited:Bari-uma, Matcha cafe, Yakiniku BBQ, TOKYO8, Tire recycling and Small scale hydrogenerator.

    Destinations available for inspection: Soft serve Ice cream, Milk Bread, Yakiniku BBQ, Beef bowl, Tai-yaki, TOKYO8, Take-san Ramen, Small scale hydro generator, Zagin ramen, Tsukemen, Bari-uma ramen, Okonomiyaki, Rice Donuts, Jack in the donuts, BBQ and Matcha cafe.



    The tour was a tour of Japan Rail.

    Participants purchased Japan Rail tickets to participate.

    We are not a travel agency and cannot arrange the tickets, but we can provide hotel recommendations.

    Participants are responsible for their own travel expenses to Japan, as well as transportation and lodging in Japan.

    The maximum fee for this inspection tour is 50,000 yen. If you are interested in joining a franchise, we will make a special offer.

    Voices of Participants

    I find it very useful 
    It was very interesting because before we came we had in mind like what we'd like but after seeing the brands and meeting the people in charge and involved in the brands it has changed our mind and changed our perspective so I think overall it has been very useful
    We have met a few brands that we think is very interesting and has good potential and like we were introduced to some brands that we didn't know before and it was good to find out more about these brands as well so yeah definitely good brands that has great potential overseas
    Yeah I think it's important that they have to do their research because what might work in Japan not necessarily will work in their country so it's good to see the operations and look at and study and see what the like with all the cost involved with all the work involved will it actually equal to success or so in their country so I think it's important to do some research and come in person to look at brands, how they operate before deciding if this will be a success in their country as well.

    Inspection tours are one step in the search for a good franchise!

    Assentia Holdings' management team has over 30 years of experience in franchising in Japan. We are the largest and most successful franchise consultants in Japan. We look forward to hearing from you. You can schedule an online interview at a moment's notice.